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  Sunday 20th October 2019 
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    Indepth Film & Television News:
Prison Break Escapes to Sky One
Five loose out to Sky One. Prison Break moves...
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Spider-Man 3
Get involved in our community as we get ready for Spider-Man 3..
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Shrek 3
First shot from the upcoming Shrek The Third!
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Hammond's crash on the BBC
Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond returns to our screens in a new series of the car show tonight..
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Live Action Alvin and the Chipmunks to be made?
Will it be taking the same road as Garfield?
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BBC on YouTube
The BBC want a slice of the online pie, as they go into talks with online powerhouse Google.
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Rocky rocks steady to the top
After a massive 17 year hiatus Rocky is back on the big screen, and according to global sales figures you love it!
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Sean Connery to be in Indy 4?
It has emerged that Sean Connery is seriously considering starring in the upcoming Indiana Jones film..
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